Pregnancy Test Kit: How Does Pregnancy Test Kit Works?
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Pregnancy Test Kit: How Does Pregnancy Test Kit Works?

Pregnancy Test Kit: How does pregnancy test kit works? If you are wondering about how the pregnancy test kit works then your search ends here. In this article you will learn about the details on how does the pregnancy test kit work. Read on to know about the home pregnancy test kit and how to interpret the results properly.

So you want to know how does the pregnancy test kit work? Well you have reached the right spot. Read on to know about the details on how the home pregnancy test kit works. 

Home pregnancy test kits are relatively easy and simple to use. The pregnancy test kit helps to detect pregnancy by mere testing of urine.  If you think you are pregnant and want to make sure if it is the case, home pregnancy test kits can be used. The pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin  (HCG) appears in urine in case of pregnancy and the test kit detects it.

HCG appears in urine about twenty days from the last menstrual cycle. Amount of HCG rises rapidly and reaches the peak in the next four to five weeks. Pregnancy test kits are stored in the refrigerator and it is important to bring to room temperature before use.

Test kits for pregnancy test are of different types. One type requires urine collection in a container and using a dip stick to do the urine sample.  Another version requires, adding urine drops in control and test wells.  A slightly more expensive version allows to hold the test kit directly in the stream of urine. Early morning time is the best time to do the test as pregnancy hormones are higher in early morning urine samples. Look for manufacturer's instruction and wait for the recommended two to three minutes. Do not read the results ahead of time or after very long time. Both these can provide either false negative or false positive result.

Wait for a few days after the missed menstrual cycle to perform the test. False negative results can appear if the test is done very early. However, many new test kits are capable of detecting HCG from the first day of the missed periods.

Pregnancy test Kit: Interpreting the result 

There will be one sample band on the test kit.  Additionally, there will be two more regions marked as ' C' for control and ' T' for test. When urine sample is added, the control region turns pink.

If only the control region turns pink and test region remains colorless, the test is negative for pregnancy.

If both control and test region turns pink, the test is positive for pregnancy. The test band can appear  little light in case of low level of HCG and it can happen in the very early stages of pregnancy.

If no bands appear in the control region, the test  is not valid. So the test must be repeated with a new test kit.

Wait for at least three days to repeat a pregnancy test. Negative test results are likely if the test is done too early or if manufacturer's  instructions are not properly followed.  

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