Understanding the Side Effects of Pregnancy
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Understanding the Side Effects of Pregnancy

Pregnancy happens to one of the times that you will deal with some of the biggest changes going on throughout your entire body. Many women think that being pregnant is only going to affect the stomach area of their body, but boy are they way off.

Pregnancy happens to one of the times that you will deal with some of the biggest changes going on throughout your entire body. Pregnancy comes complete with a mile long list of side effects and many of them are unwanted. The side effects tend to be just a little on the aggravating side and can be hard to deal with. The good news however, is that they are quickly forgotten almost immediately after having the baby. Here you are going to find out some of the most common complaints of being pregnant and what you may end up experiencing while pregnant.

One of the most common side effects of pregnant that many women do not know about is constipation. When a women is pregnant, the digestive tract works in a different manner and retains most of the fluids that are consumed. The food that the pregnant mom eats is digested so finely that there is little waste for the mom to have to pass. With this huge change, it is very common for the digestive tract to become backed up, causing constipation. This is mainly caused by the fact that your hormones are changing throughout the entire body all at one time. One the best ways to prevent this from happening and decreasing your chances for constipation, is to make sure you increase your fluid intake and fiber content in your diet. You should also try to eat less dairy products. If you happen to have severe constipation, make sure consult with your doctor for some over the counter medications that are safe to use while pregnant.

Constipation can be very uncomfortable and unfortunately you are going to experience gas and intestinal pain as well when it comes to being pregnant. With the growing baby and growing uterus, you will begin to experience pressure on your intestines, making the digestion process a lot more uncomfortable. While the hormones are changing and making the digestion slower, it may end up resulting in very uncomfortable gas. Chamomile tea has been proven to help ease pain with the indigestion process and you will also need to do your part, while avoiding foods that can cause stomach upset.

Headaches are very common for women during pregnancy. This is mainly due to the fact that the body has more of a higher water content than usual. There is going to be more water in the blood, veins, and the blood vessels, that will cause more pressure on your head and skull, which will lead to headaches. If the headaches are so severe, you feel you need take something, make sure to consult with you doctor about the best options.

Heartburn is one of the biggest complaints when it comes to being pregnant. Since the baby is growing in your uterus, it will cause more pressure on the stomach and then cause acid to release and back up into esophagus. It is better to eat smaller meals more frequently, while sleeping in an upright position to help alleviate the heartburn. You can take some antacids, that will help lessen the amount of acid that will back up into your esophagus and make you feel sick to your stomach.

Just about all women, except for some very lucky ones, experience hemorrhoids while being pregnant. These happen to be more common for women who have had a previous pregnancy. They are caused by the pressure that is put on the anus which can end up resulting in enlarged blood vessels. They can be either internal or external and they can cause some unwanted pain. The best way to relieve hemorrhoids, is to take long baths and try your best to avoid constipation.

In the beginning of your pregnancy, feeling lightheaded and fainting is very common. You need to make sure to get plenty of rest, food and essential nutrients. Both of these things can be remedied by sitting down quickly and also lowering your head. Not sitting down, will result in the fainting and that can cause unwanted injuries to the baby and the mother if the mom should fall. If you feel your heart is racing or lightheaded at any time, make sure to contact your doctor to schedule an appointment.

As your pregnancy progresses, you may begin to experience swelling around the extremities of your body. This is basically due to the water content throughout your entire body. Your hands and feet happen to be the most common areas swelling will take place. Generally these are side effects that you need not to worry about, but if they are causing pain then contact your doctor so he can examine the areas.

This is just a sample of the many symptoms of pregnancy. Other women will experience things such as mood swings, ligament pain, abdominal pain, and even varicose veins. If you ever feel that something is wrong or something is out of place when it comes to the baby and your body, never hesitate to call your physician. Staying in tune with your body and knowing what is going on, is one of the best ways to ensure that both the mother and the baby are healthy during the entire pregnancy.

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